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It is just simple to say that Prestige Truck Refinishing is chosen time and time again by many of Australia's most recognisable brands for both fleet and custom design.

From Casey Stoner to IVECO Trucks and St. John Ambulance Australia, it is clear by the work we have done that Prestige Truck Refinishing is one of Australia's best custom workshops, leaving you confident that what you will get is simply the best job, each and every time.

The secret to our custom design success is simply that the vehicle does not leave our workshop, with a simple pinstripe all the way through to complete custom resprays, it all happens right on site n the workshop, utilising our state of the art Spray Booth.

So whatever you are wantiong to customise on your vehicle, watch it come to life right in front of you at Prestige Truck Refinishing.